What does Mission ZERO mean to Fortis?

Employee safety is a core value at Fortis Energy Services. Mission ZERO is not about improving our statistical HSE performance, it is about our organization making a genuine commitment to operating each day incident and injury free. It means that during every task of every day, we strive to perform our operations with ZERO harm to our people, our environment and our assets.

How do we accomplish Mission Zero?

  • Leaders setting clear and unwavering HSE expectations
  • Open, honest and regular communication
  • Properly trained and committed employees
  • Effective use of hazard identification and risk controls
  • Every operational task performed using safe work practices
  • Use of Stop Work Authority when warranted
  • Open and timely reporting of all incidents
  • Effective investigation, causal analysis and implementation of corrective/preventive actions
  • Always striving for continual improvement

Each day, our employees are faced with many hazards and risks that if uncontrolled, can lead to life changing results for them, their families and our company.

As Vice President of Health, Safety and Environmental for Fortis Energy Services, I am committed to making sure that every Fortis employee, every customer representative and every other person who works on or near our operations return home safely daily to their family. Fortis Energy Services provides the employee training and risk management tools necessary to assess for and control operational risks and it is the expectation of Fortis’ leadership team that no task be performed unless it can be done safely and without harm to our environment and our assets.

It is also the expectation of our leadership team and our customers that if operations are deemed unsafe by anyone involved, the use of Stop Work Authority should be enacted. Stop Work Authority is not only a right at Fortis Energy Services, but it is an obligation that every employee has.

At Fortis Energy Services, our mission is ZERO harm to our employees, our environment and our assets.

— Fortis VP HSE