A customer-focused approach for increasing value delivered at the well site

The Fortis Designed Solutions program is based on the Six Sigma approach and identifies inefficiencies at the well sites of customers. Fortis works with its customers to make improvements and make changes that will eliminate mistakes and costly down time.

Downtime on a customer’s location costs everyone a significant amount of money in wages, third-party costs and lost production. Designed Solutions measures down time and then implements controls to eliminate it.

Designed Solutions reduces cost and increases production. It minimizes non-productive time with quality control and gaining efficiencies through rig packages. This managed approach results in increased customer loyalty and stronger partnerships and an improved bottom line for all involved.

Workover Rigs

Fortis’ fleet of premium service rigs is one of the newest in both the Appalachian and Williston Basins. Ranging in size from 350 series to 550 series, derricks of 108 or 112 ft and a hook load of up to 300,000lbs, Fortis has the equipment for any well, any depth and any lateral.

Snubbing Units

Fortis’ fleet includes state of the art and versatile stand-alone rig assist units (SARA) and traditional rig assist units. All snubbing units include 7-1/16 type U 10,000 psi stripping stack with a 4-slip set-up. Units have jack lifting capabilities ranging from 150K – 170K and jack snubbing capabilities ranging from 75K – 85K. Fortis will provide snubbing units as an addition to the rig package or independently depending on the job and the needs of the customer.


Well-maintained 5K and 10K pumps from the best manufacturers in the industry. Fortis also provides pressure testing services so our customers have the added convenience and reduced cost when Fortis’ pumps are brought to location.

Power Swivels

Fortis’ power swivels are also available as a package with the rig and pumps. The fleet includes the well-known and high performing XK-90 and even the newest XK-100 from Venturetech. With an available 10K packing, our power swivels withstand the highest pressures

Hydraulic Pipe Wranglers

Our pipe wranglers are capable of reaching over 34ft stack heights with a cycle time of approximately 1 minute. Unsafe situations on location are eliminated or greatly reduced as well as wear and tear on customers’ tubulars.

10K BOPs

Fortis has invested in brand new Cameron 7-1/16 Type U 10K BOPs to meet the growing need for newer, high pressure equipment to maintain control of the well. Fortis’ pressure control equipment consists of single, double with SBR and double BOPs, spools, trailered accumulators and valves to accommodate any stack configuration. Fortis also provides torque and test services with API trained and qualified service technicians.

We Offer:

  • Service Rig and Snubbing Unit Packages
  • Completions including Hybrid Systems
  • Production Tubing Installation
  • Down-hole Repairs and Maintenance
  • Plugging and Abandonment
  • Rental Services
  • Trucking Services