About Fortis

Fortis Energy Services, Inc. is an award-winning oil and gas well service company in the USA. Fortis Energy Services was named Oilfield Services Company of the Year by the Oil & Gas Awards in recognition of the company’s health, safety and environmental programs, operational excellence, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Fortis Energy Services provides oil and gas well services throughout the production life cycle and operates a premium fleet of service rigs and ancillary equipment to support completion, maintenance and repair operations. All aspects of the enterprise are focused on delivering operational excellence that is SAFE, RELIABLE and COST EFFECTIVE.

Fortis is an industry leader with a culture of safety that sets them apart from the competition. Quality people and quality work has fueled Fortis’ exceptional growth. At Fortis the focus is on their customers and core values. Fortis has earned many accolades by delivering on the three dimensions of premier well service on every job.

Core Values

Mission Statement:

Our Strength is in Our Service.

Fortis Energy Services, Inc. strives to set the standard as a leader in the oil and gas industry, far exceeding our customers’ expectations, while maintaining a safe and healthy work environment. We conduct our business in accordance with our values.