A Message from the CEO

As CEO of Fortis Energy Services Inc., I am dedicated to continuing the Fortis tradition of providing excellence in oil and gas service. This well known tradition has established our company as the premier oil and gas service provider throughout the industry. Our greatest asset is our talented and dedicated employees who hold the highest personal and professional values. Our seasoned team is the core of our success and their dedication continues to develop the Fortis Energy Services legacy through innovation, technological advancement and good old hard work.

Our well maintained fleet is constantly upgraded and operated by highly experienced professionals. We have a safety philosophy and history that is exceptional and our commitment to service is legendary.

Behind each safety statistic resides an individual. And, behind each individual resides family, friends, and colleagues. Getting our employees home safely each night is our highest priority and most important core value.

New oil and gas discoveries, revitalization of existing wells and new technologies continually change the landscape of the industry even in down cycles, creating growth opportunities and potential for innovation. Fortis Energy Services is committed to staying on the cutting-edge, providing our customers with the finest services, equipment and trained personnel available.

I believe that regular communication with our employees, our customers and industry peers contribute to an overall success rate and I welcome your suggestions or comments concerning our company and the services we provide.

Best regards,

Nathan Conway, CEO
Fortis Energy Services, Inc.