Director of Corporate Development

Adam Pomichowski

Mr. Pomichowski has over 10 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He joined Fortis in April 2013 and serves as the company’s Director of Corporate Development. He is responsible for the creation and implementation of various models that allow the company to visualize various strategies and initiatives. Mr. Pomichowski is leading the initiative to bring technology into the company with the goal of being 100% technologically driven by the end of 2020. Mr. Pomichowski works closely with the CEO and senior management to set the strategy for the business, moving the company forward in line with stated core values and specific goals. Mr. Pomichowski’ s advanced modeling techniques have allowed Fortis to achieve optimal efficiency and cost savings passed directly to their customers.

Prior to joining Fortis, Mr. Pomichowski worked for Ward Williston Oil Company and Atlas Oil Company, where he provided analytical support to aid in the strategic growth of both companies. Mr. Pomichowski is active in his local community, he is currently serving as an elected Director of the Polish American Federal Credit Union. Mr. Pomichowski was recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s top “Foremost Under 40.” Mr. Pomichowski holds a green belt certification in lean six sigma from Villanova University. He earned both a BS and MBA from Wayne State University.